Effective July 1st, 2009, all customers who send email using Plant Telecommunications' mail servers will be required to make a settings change in their email client. If you do not make this change, then you will no longer be able to send email through our servers on or after that date. You can change the setting at anytime, and do not need to wait until July 1st.

Instructions for configuring several common email programs follows. The only setting that you will need to change is the Outgoing Mail Server setting, also known as the SMTP setting. We would ask that you first try to make this change yourself to keep hold-times down in Technical Support, especially if you wait until after the conversion takes place. If you still need assistance with the change, you can contact technical support at1-888-394-4772 .

Macintosh Eudora 6
Macintosh Internet Explorer

Windows Eudora 7.1
Windows Netscape 5,6 and 7
Windows Outlook Express
Windows Outlook 2000 and 2002
Windows 97 and 98 Outlook
Windows XP Outlook
Windows Mail